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Awe-inspiring Great Wall

I had to say, the tour last month is so deserved that I grasped my two favorite scenic spots, Mutianyu Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Tour guide is called Tina who was very considerate on the whole journey helping us deal with the affairs, very responsible. It is my first time to explore this Great Wall building. In the original, it was just the appearance of long-dragon style appearance without any decorations.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Upon arrival at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall, I started to change my idea. All the original appearances disappeared immediately! Fist, I was lured by its fresh charming and typical tranquility. Located in the suburb area, this area is seemed to be very mysterious with a large scale of trees and plants. We looked around and appreciated. I did like the vendors here, because they have added many modern tastes and noises to this building. After some minutes' preparation, we started our journey. Weather on the day showed very hot. But the temperature here is not so hot as the downtown area. I seized my girl friend passing through the beginning steps. About several minutes, we met the Great Wall buildings, long distance stone ground with best preserved walls. On both side, the trees and plants formed the bushy umbrella. We all liked this kind of atmosphere very much with less crowded. Sometimes, there will be breeze blowing here very cool and fresh! Through the wall, we could see the sceneries far distance, typical and harmonious!

We went on our journey, chatting and appreciating. Surprised is that I saw the cannon model in the right side of the wall, adding many history feeling to this whole project. The watchtower here is designed very strange and typical. It is just like a cave underground. The inner scene is dark with little sunlight. There are many children hidden inside playing the hide-and-seek games, very interesting. What I wanted to say, it is better t care these kids, because it is perched on the mountain, very dangerous without special cares. We passed through this 'cave' and came out seeing the blue sky. There are few birds flying around, singing and dancing seemed to tell us their good news. For not more than 100 foots, my girl friend started to be laborious. For the short steep sections, her two legs trembled all the time. We choose one shaded place for entire relaxing, drinking water and sweeping the sweat. We just listened to the conversations passerby.

This climbing experience brought me too much, not only the real appearance of Mutianyu Great Wall but also the refresh atmosphere, truly wonderful!