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1 Day Bus Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Olympic Stadium

I am as excited as this first time to Beijing. Although the main aim is the business conference, I have my own time to visit this legend city with long history. Because of the limited time and alone, I booked the 1 day bus tour online.

According to friends had visited Beijing, the Great Wall is worth to enjoy the beautiful scenery, magnificent momentum, etc. Also, Beijing is a vintage but modern city before this tour I realized in my mind. Of course, the 1 day bus tour to Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Olympic Stadium is the best choice, they show the big different in ancient and modern Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

After breakfast, the tour guide picked me up at about 7:00, and drove us to the Ming Tombs first. On the way to this first spot, I met many new friends, most were along in Beijing like me, so we have a good talk during this tour. Arrived at Ming Tombs, I was so interested in these real tombs, I have never seen real tomb before this tour. The tour guide told us this is the tombs group for 13 emperors in Ming Dynasty. In fact, the Sacred Road is more fantastic than tombs. It stands various stone animals, as natural as though they were living. I was always looking forward to the next destination – Badaling Great Wall.

After the local Chinese traditional lunch, we were drove to the most famous – Badaling Great Wall. As one of the world wonders, the Great Wall let us down, especially the section we would visit – Badaling section. Having considered the busy conferences in Beijing, I have chosen the cable car to reach the top. Luckily, sit in the cable car I could overlook the whole significant view of the Badaling Great Wall. Especially, I enjoyed the grand momentum by overlooking the whole section. I have pictured various photos through different points of view. I would put on the wall in my room. It shocked me in my life!

On the way back to hotel, I also visited the Olympic Stadium including Bird Nest and Water Cube, so appropriate name. Different with the before two spots, these expresses the atmosphere of modern Beijing. They are worthy of the Olympic Stadium.

Ended of this tour, I have liked this city deeply in various sides. What a pity I have a little time in Beijing, or I must enjoy all spots.