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Let's Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Badaling Great Wall

A highlight of our trip was visiting the Great Wall in Beijing - a section called Badaling. It is not far from Beijing downtown and only 1 hour driving. It is truly a major landmark of China. On the bus for afar view, it gives us some great views of the wall as it snakes its way through the hills - majesty and stunning.

Grand View of Badaling Great Wall

For the Great Wall tour, you have three ways to go up: first, use the cable car (round trip or one way) to get to the north 7 towers and then climbing; second, take the sliding car (round trip or one way) to get to the 4th tower and then hiking; third, just hiking from the 1st watchtower and then came back in the same way! We choose the last way – just climbing! Once on the great wall, there are two directions for tourists to choose. One part (the north part) is flatter and is more open to hike but is packed with tourists. The other part (the south part) is steeper, but with a fraction of the tourists, and from the high point, you can see the wall stretching for miles and miles!

We chose the north part with more watchtowers and tourists. Not all the roads lead to watchtowers are steps. Some parts were so steep you had to leak forward to keep from falling down the incline (much more difficult for climbing down). There is no "easy" portion of the wall.  It is either going up or going down. The view makes up for it.

About 2 hours hiking, we finally reached the top - 12 towers, however full of tourists that we could only take photos with people as the background. Went downstairs, I found it much harder than climbing up. My little legs are trembling out of control! Oh no, just stop for a short rest, my legs went on strike. Standing by the wall, deep breath the cool and fresh air, afar view of the green mountains and sinuous great wall, perfect feeling!

What an amazing feat it was for this wall to be built. I really enjoyed the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. Despite the increased amount of tourists especially tour groups, it was still beautiful. You may see it in the history books or in documentaries many times, but the sheer size is awe inspiring up close and personal. It is a must see place in Beijing, China!