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Beihai Park - Great Place for Leisure in Downtown Beijing

I like natural scenery much better so the tour to Beihai Park made me feel pleased and comfortable. Once I thought it was only a big park and will not cost much time traveling around it, however I was completely wrong. Walking around the Jade Flowery Islet, it was already cost me 2 hours. Together with Jingshan, very near to the Forbidden City, Beihai Park is one of the imperial gardens during Qing Dynasty.

Outside the park, the White Pagoda is eye appeal so my first destination is it. On the way to the White Pagoda, I arrived at Temple of Eternal Peace. The temples in Beihai Park have all become the tourist attractions, so there is no incense. On the first and fifth day of a month, the incense given by the tourists unified burned. From the Temple of Eternal Peace, the branches are hanging the visible brand for blessing. The Bell Tower in the temple costs extra three yuan, ring the bell three symbolizing peace auspicious.

Forbidden City View from Beihai Park

Boarded the White Tower is not easy. Tourists had to climb the 70 wooden steps. Additional three Yuan get to the top of the tower overlooking the scenery of the central zone of Beijing. Where vision is extremely open, panoramic views of the Forbidden City, the highest point of Jingshan Park, Tiananmen Square and the National Grand Theater, how spectacular!

Stepped down from the White Tower, around Jade Flowery Islet, I met the Yuexin Palace, Yuegu Tower, Long Gallery, Qiongdao Chunyin and other attractions. The worth mentioning attraction is the Fangshan Restaurant, which is a famous restaurant franchise court of authentic flavor. Since 1911 the Qing Dynasty was overthrown, the former Qing imperial kitchen cooks lost their jobs. In 1925, a former practitioners in the Qing imperial kitchen Zhaos Renzhai, inviting Sun Shaoran and other "imperial kitchen" workers opened a restaurant, modeled on the practices of the Qing "Imperial", making a variety of dishes, and take the name of "Fangshan". 1959, the "Fangshan" moved to the present site by the North Shore of Beihai, not only to expand the business area, but also add variety dishes. Fangshan produced exquisite dishes, paid attention to the appearance of color shape and the taste, inherited the Qing "Imperial" clean, fresh, crisp, and tender. If you want to experience the authentic Palace Food, here will be the best place.

Long Gallery, although not famous as the one in Summer Palace, it is very beautiful. A large number of tourists came here to have a short rest enjoying the scenery on the lake. I took the sightseeing cruise to the other side of the park. Overlooking, the gallery around the White Pagoda, surrounds the Jade Flowery Islet, so beautiful!