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Travel Tips on Badaling Great Wall

However wonderful you expect the Great Wall of China to be, nothing prepares you for its majesty and the stunning scenery when you first step foot on this Wonder of the World. There is no visiting Beijing without seeing the Great Wall of China. Woke up early in the morning, after an hour driving, we got to our first destination of Beijing tour – Badaling Great Wall. Very exciting! For a distant view, it looks like a dragon snakes along the hills, so magnificent! 

Badaling Great Wall

At 10:30, we formally started our trip on Badaling Great Wall. It was bright sunny day but breath-taking hot. 30 degree is too high for climbing the great wall. How I wish the weather could be full of clouds. The majority of the tourists here are Chinese. I couldn't imagine how crowed here will be on weekends. Not all the paths to the watchtowers are steps, some took a 75-degree climb that I had to crawl, tightly grasp the baluster by the side of the wall. The worst part was that these climbs weren't short or few. Go ups and downs, my legs feel very tired, they started trembling without control. Just one hour hiking, I had to have a rest on the stairs with deep breathing.

Great Wall Carved with Names

The Great Wall is well protected however a fly in the ointment is that on the bricks there are fully carved with names by the tourists! A bit touristy attraction but we enjoyed our adventure through by without any disturbance. Also we took a lot of pictures to record our great trip and feelings on the Great Wall (the background of close shot is unique – full of people). One amazing thing is that for Chinese tourists, wherever full of people, they went there to take photos. Even more than 30 people line up for taking pictures at "Brave Man Stone". Trek for hours, standing on the top of the watchtowers and looking around, you will feel very proud, amazing at the magnificent scenery. This is truly one of man's greatest engineering feats when you consider the equipments they would have had to use. Great Experience!

Travel tips: Despite being high up on the top of a mountain ridge, the air is thinner and the sun strong and you will benefit by taking a hat and sunscreen. Comfortable shoes or trainers will be necessary. Take plenty of water with you. Bottles which will cost you 2 to 3RMB in Beijing are sold triple prices on the wall! And the most important one is that on rainy days, never been to the Great Wall, more dangerous.