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Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace Bus Tour

I am a young man and I have much enthusiasm in China, so I packed my luggage and flied to Beijing. Of course, Beijing is the first stop in my China tour. With long history and rich culture, Beijing is ideal city to know about the Chinese history and culture. At same time, you have a Beijing tour guide to tell you these mysterious things. I booked this 1 day bus tour online, to visit the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Why I did not visit the Great Wall? The reason is these spots are all about imperial culture.

Forbidden City - Grand Building

Forbidden City, the largest wooden structure construction, is the well-preserved courtyard in the world. I have seen some Sihe Courtyards in books, but this was my first to visit such huge courtyard. With crowded people, we entered the Gate of Supreme Harmony. What first caught my eyes is a pair of copper-lion. The tour guide told me that these are the biggest lions in this Forbidden City. Lion is the symbol of noble and inviolability in ancient China. They built these two lions here aimed to protecting the imperial power.

Entering the Gate of Supreme Harmony, I saw the grand Hall of Supreme Harmony. In the front of the hall, there are 18 bronze tripods, also means to protecting the emperor power. From above, I found the ancient emperors in China have strong realizes to maintain their power. The Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony are the three biggest halls in the Forbidden City.

Along with the axle wire of Forbidden City, I still visited the Imperial Garden. According to the tour guide, the Imperial Garden is the place for the ancient emperor to select the referendum show petticoat. In addition, we have lucky to visit the Exhibition of Treasures. I was almost addicted into these beautiful and delicate works from jade, gold, silver, etc. They all show the glory in that time.

After Forbidden City, I have visited the Temple of Heaven – the place for emperors to sacrifice to heaven for harvest, Summer Palace – the biggest labor imperial garden in China. All these are supported facilities to imperial construction, and they also represent the high skills in architecture and structure of ancient China.

Ended of this one day tour, I would go on next city in China. But I will remember this Beijing tour. Even the well-reputed service and unbeatable price offered by Beijing China travel agency!