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Making Dumplings

I'm very interested in Chinese food so during the trip to Beijing, I booked one of Beijing Cooking Learning Tour on beijinglandscapes. Haha, the tour didn't disappoint me (it is very interesting and meaningful). 

Began at 9:00 am and the first destination was the Beijing Cooking School. Here I learnt a few different dishes and saw how they are made from beginning to end, learning the secrets of excellent Chinese cooking. After hands on learning experience, I finally cooked three dishes as my lunch. I'm very proud that I could make dumplings. Although the shapes of them are very strange, it is a perfect job for me and I felt very exciting to eat my own Chinese lunch.   

Dumplings-My Lunch

After the lunch, I was driven to one of the branches of time - honored brand - Daoxiangcun Foodstuffs Store. I can't believe that so many people queue up to buy the snacks. Is it really delicious? Then I bought some to take home as gifts to my family and friends.

In the afternoon, I began the village tour - Beijing Gaobeidian Village. The first destination of the village tour is the Tonghui River. It is a part of man-made ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal with the long history of more than a thousand years. Then I visited the Classic Furniture Street. The 1,500 meters long classical furniture street is located along the Tonghui River in the east part of the Gaobeidian Road. The main type of the furniture is of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Here is a good stage for representing and trading Chinese Traditional furniture. At last I visit a local famer's house. This is my favorite part of the village tour. Here I happily talk to the villagers and make dumplings together with them. There I enjoyed a very delicious Farm Flavored.

About 6:00 pm I got to my hotel. Stay in the comfortable bed and aftertaste the one day trip, I still feel very exciting. The English speaking tour guide is very kindly to me and told me a lot about the history and story about the old Beijing. Also I'm very happy that I learn some secrets of Chinese cooking!