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Beijing Silver Fox Cave Summer Tour

Looking for the destination where tourists could not only enjoy breathtaking sceneries, getting fully summer relaxed but also trying some adventurous exploration? Beijing Silver Cave will be a terrific choice.

Beiing Silver Fox Cave

Unexpected Fresh Layout of Silver Fox Cave
Silver Fox Cave is called Yinhu Dong in China. From the name, you may guess some ideas. It gets the most famous reputation for amazing fox-like stalactite. Located in Fangshan District, this cave will leave the fresh visitors mysterious feelings. It is featured by karst landscape wonders and clean underground rivers. It is truly a heaven-wonder in north of China. Once enter into this cave, you will be attracted by its freshness, typical coolness and extremely beauty. It is truly a wonderful spectacle with excellent multilayer karst cave. Measuring about 5,000 meters long, 3,000 meters long areas is open to the tourists. During summer tour, you will be impressed by over 90 distinctive sights with dazzling appearance.

Delicate Scenic Spots
Because of the location of suburb area, Silver Fox Cave stood the advanced condition, cozy and cool environment. So, it is an ideal place for enjoying summer relaxed with friends and families. In the cave, there are various stalactites, grand stone pillars and stone waterfalls, etc. What the most important is that there are some precious stone grapes, brilliant stone pearls could be seen here. By contrast, you many feel as if you were dropping into the south China land. For the tourists who are interested in the stone flowers, you could get satisfied here. For the name of this cave, the surprising stalactite is just like the head of this cat. It is regarded as the treasure of China. Measuring about 2 meters long, this white stalactite is just like a splendid jade carving.

Boating on the Rivers
If you think the breathtaking scenery and mysterious cave have been enough, then you are wrong. For the main paradise enjoyment is boating here. Meandering underground rivers penetrate as deep as more than 100 meters. Tourists here during summer tour could have a leisurely boating experience. It is said the winding waters here stored high quality with many beneficial microelements. Appreciate breathtaking scenery, enjoy leisurely boating, you will find you have stepped on the fairy land. Just boat to the place where you want. Besides, there are waterway adventurous games waiting for you. It will make your summer tour more interesting.

If you are hesitating about your summer tour, join us! Silver Fox Cave will change your Beijing Summer holiday!