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Iconic Tea Street in Beijing - Maliandao

Tea culture has long been an integrated part of China culture, and the Chinese people's obsession with tea goes way back. There is truly no better place to soak up the essence of Chinese tea culture than a visit to the Maliandao – a famous tea street located in Beijing.

Overview about Beijing Maliandao

The capital city – Beijing, hailed as the cultural Macca, has a rich tea culture. And at the mention of tea culture there is a destination not to be missed – Maliandao. A favorite haunt for the tea lovers from home and abroad, Maliandao is jam-packed with stalls selling a wide variety of tea leaves, tea sets and more. Located in the southwest corner of the city of Beijing, Maliandao boasts as the largest tea market in Northern China. Maliandao houses four stories of tea vendors and stalls selling a huge percentage of the tea leaves grown in China. Most of the stores and vendors have been owned and run by the same families for generations. They actually grow the tea themselves in the tea producing regions of Fujian and Zhejiang and sell them in Beijing.

What to Explore at Maliandao

With a visit to Maliandao you can find a lot of things to do. First and foremost you can stop in one of the many shops and enjoy a cup of authentic tea made by the shop owners. With a taste of the tea there not only can you get an essential tea experience in Beijing but also learn more about the tea culture. It may surprise you that the green tea in China is kind of like the red wine in variety as there are about hundreds of variations as far as the green tea is concerned in China. You can also taste black tea, flowery Pu'er tea, Oolong and ginseng teas or others which you may never taste before at the many shops and vendors while walking down the street. Moreover, with a visit to one of the many tea shops you can also take home some Chinese-style tea sets, tea cups and tea storage containers. However if you really want to buy some tea or tea accessories here, haggling is highly recommended.

All in all, you just cannot afford to miss out on the Maliandao Tea Street if you want to taste the authentic tea culture while traveling in Beijing.