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Beijing Muslim Exploration

For a large luxury capital city, Beijing housed loads of cultures and mysterious. For the modern tourists, they stored many interests about the Muslim people. Exploring this kind of religion and culture has become the top thing to do in Beijing. For the mysterious religion, I would share some information with the Muslim fans.

Muslim Representative Mosque – Niujie Mosque
Niujie Mosque

It has become a must-explore place for the Muslim people and the modern tourists who want to get knowledge about Muslim culture. Located on the Ox Street, Niujie Mosque is the most historical and majestic mosque with profound history and deep traditional history. Standing in the outer side, you would find it showed delicate building construction coming Chinese traditional wooden palaces and typical Arabic-style of decoration. Most impressed is that there is no human or animal figures among these decorations as they are rented as taboo in Islam. Because you entering and your appreciation, you should pay attention your dressing style and behavior, as well as the notice. If you wear short or a skirt, you would be forbidden to enter. The Prayer Hall is limited to Muslim people. This mosque paid a very important role to the public broadening their knowledge about Islam and Chinese cultural places.

Typical Muslim Cuisine
Typical Muslim Food

After exploring the Muslim representative, it is time to have a taste about typical Muslim cuisine. Muslim people have many religious taboos in eating. They never eat pork, dog, donkey, horse and beasts, naturally dead animals are also forbidden for them. The most popular food will be the stretched noodles and mutton hot-pot. Every day there will be thousands of tourists choosing them as enjoyment appreciating Muslim. With different cooking tastes and ingredients, Muslim food has plaid a very important role in the Beijing cuisine filed.

Popular Muslim Restaurants
If you want to enjoy the most representative Muslim cuisine, Beijing Hong Bin Lou will be an ideal choice. To be same as Muslim culture, Hong Bin Lou Restaurant also enjoyed a high fame and profound history. It is rented as the best Muslim restaurant with an area of 200 square meters. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists coming here including many famous celebrities. The recommend dishes here are Braised Shark Fin with Sliced Chicken.

If you could not hold the temptation, come here to have a taste!