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Imperial Garden - Summer Palace

For Beijing tour, Summer Palace is the place worthwhile visiting. The day with bright sunshine, blue sky, white clouds and gentle breezing is the best time here. If you are interested in natural landscape, never miss the Summer Palace during your tour of Beijing.

The Summer Palace is the imperial garden during Qing Dynasty with more than 100 scenic spots. Travel around the whole garden may cost you at least 8 hours. The opening time is 6:30 am to 20:00 pm, so if you have enough time and full of energy, travel around the whole garden and you will never feel disappointed. If with limit travel time, the best route is to enter from the East Gate (the main gate of Summer Palace) and visit the main scenic spots situated in the front hill.

Kunming Lake in Summer Palace

Entering from the East Gate, all the visitors will be lost in the picturesque scenery. Large Kunming Lake in the middle of the garden covering three quarters; facing the lake, Longevity Hill is on the right side and 17 Arch Bridge on the left hand.

On the lake shore green willows are waving to you. Charming scenery!

Entering through the East Gate, the first destination will be the living palaces for Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu and the place for them to meet the minister. Hall of Happiness and Longevity is the palace built for celebrate the birthday of Empress Dowager Cixi and in front of the palace there situated the statues of red-crowned crane, deer and flower vase meaning "long time peaceful". It is said that all the decorations in the palaces remained the original shape of Qing Dynasty, but there were not allow inside visiting. All the visitors look inside the palaces through the windows.


Walking along the lake shore, very soon tourists will arrive at one of the most famous scenic spots in the Summer Palace – Long Gallery. It will be impressive to all the visitors not only because the beautiful shape, the elegant pictures, the carefully decorations, but also so many groups of tourists, large or small. The Long Gallery is 728 meters long (the longest tour gallery in the world) with 14000 pictures totally. The beautiful pictures include natural landscapes, birds, fish, flowers and famous people.

So many scenic spots in the Summer Palace worthwhile visiting and each of them have its own attractive stories. "Wisdom Sea", "Buddhist Gragrance Pavilion", "Long Gallery", "17 Arch Bridge", "Hall of Happiness and Longevity" are the most representative attractions should not miss during the tour of Summer Palace.