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Temple of Heaven - A symbol building of Beijing

Once I thought that the Temple of Heaven is just the place for emperors to worship the heaven so besides the main hall there won't be any other attractive places deserve to visit. However I was completely wrong after personally visited there. And I would like to share my experience in the Temple of Heaven to the other attractions except the three main buildings – the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar.

Taiji Ball

Actually the Temple of Heaven now has become a big park. Also in order to let tourists feel easier to visit, every entrance of the park offers the electronic tour guide (Chinese cost 10 Yuan and foreign languages cost 40 Yuan). If you are traveling all by yourselves it will help you a lot during the tour. I entered through the East Gate and got the view of the main hall – the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, beautiful. Walking towards it, on the right side there is a big square for people to do exercises. On the ground there set different kinds of exercise equipments and hundreds of people playing there during the day time. Some are playing Taichi Ball, some are dancing, some are playing shuttlecock, so happy. They were all very friendly and invited me to join them.


Went on the journey I saw a lot of people sitting on the gallery crocheting small things including hats, bags, purse and little animals, so lovely. Hiding from the bright sunshine, I bought a hat for 35 Yuan, beautiful! This gallery is called "72 Long Gallery". Why got this name since it is not very long actually? This is because it has 72 gaps. The decorations and the color are all very simple and elegant, symbolizing the serious atmosphere of the sacrifice. This gallery is the road to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.

Cypress Forest and the Flower Garden

Went on you will find the Cypress Forest and the Flower Garden. On both sides of the clean road setting chairs for tourists to have a rest. Sitting on the chair, with gentle breezing, green trees, relaxed! In Cypress Forest there planted the old trees with hundred years history. In the garden there plant different kinds of flowers including peony, the Chinese rose and others I did not know the name. During the period of midsummer, here will be the flower sea. Never miss the beautiful scenery in the garden during your tour of the Temple of Heaven.