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Impressive Beijing Package Tour with Good Services - (2)

Second day was a substantial day, including the Simatai Great Wall, Huhai Area and Nanluoguxiang, we spent all our power there. Some people might ask why we did not visit the famous Badaling or Mutianyu Great Wall, because we wanted to see the real Great Wall in China without many traces of human restoration.

Original Wall at Simatai

The original section of the Great Wall at Simatai is far away from Beijing downtown, but it was worth it when you hike the Great Wall. On the way to the Great Wall, we were always interested in the scenery along the way. Arrived at the Great Wall at Simatai, we were amazed by the most original and featured wall. It is not well-maintained as other sections of the Great Wall, the wrecked walls showing us its glorious history and also records the events happened there. In order to experience it more closely, we hiked it personally. My husband was addicted into its charming views, but I was interested in the explanation by the tour guide about its history and the events. I thought they are the abundant resources for China and Beijing, and worth to explore and study. The damaged parts of walls approved it once was the battlefield long times ago, and they are also the traces left by time. I was contradictory I thought, one side I wish these historical sites can be protected very well, but one side I wish they can keep their original features to let later generations know what happened to them.

The Houhai area and the Nanluoguxiang are very impressive. The narrow lanes and quiet life style is the real ordinary life in Beijing. These interesting lanes and courtyards are the living environment actually. For Beijingers, they should value these surroundings and life style very much.