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Happy Skiing Time in Lianhuashan Ski Resort

During winter seasons skiing is one of the most popular sports and theme tours in Beijing. Also in Beijing there are a lot of ski resorts with advanced facilities and comfortable environment. According to the limit time, we choose Beijing Lianhuashan Ski Resort, which is nearest to Beijing downtown.

Take bus No.918, after about 2 hours driving, get off at Liangshanzhuang Station, we go to the destination – Lianhuashan Ski Resort. Walking along the road lead to the snow world, we saw some pedlars selling gloves, hats and glasses for skiers to keep warm. In order to keep warm while skiing, I also spent 20 Yuan to buy a hat.

Main Gate of Lianhuashan Ski Resort

Lianhuashan Ski Resort was opened to the public in 2003 and it is one of the biggest ski resorts in Beijing. To accommodate the crowds, here built a large parking lot, almost 6000 square meters. It is said that during the weekends and the holidays, here usually full of cars.

Entering the main entrance, looking around the white mountain and the pure white snow, I felt excited. I cannot wait to change my clothes and enjoy the skiing time. At 10:00am, here has already gathered some ski lovers. Some of them are very good at skiing. The excellent skills and the fast speed really impressed me. How I wish I could ski freely like them!

Panoramic View of Lianhuashan Ski Resort

All the ski equipments were offered in Ski Service Center. It is big enough to accommodate nearly hundreds of people changing at the same time. Here you could find the ticket office, boots rental area, snowboards rental area, ski suits rental area, changing area and one ski equipment shop. The entrance ticket includes the fees for snowboards, ski sticks, ski boots, conveyor and the cable car. And also each person should pay 300 yuan as the deposit in security before getting the ski equipments. If needed, you could pay 30 yuan for ski suits and 10 yuan for the locker. As the beginners, it took us nearly half an hour to change our suits and put on the ski boots. Well, got all the ski equipments ready in the changing area, I found myself too fat to move. However, this did not reduce my enthusiastic of skiing. Carry the ski sticks and the heavy snowboards, come to the real snow world now!