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Biking through Countryside of Beijing

Nothing beats a biking experience while traveling overseas! Riding on a bike to scale through the off-the-beaten-path countryside is to die for! While visiting Beijing during summer days, biking through some lovely countryside will give you a chance to take in incredible views, get away from bustle and hustle of the city and enjoy some fabulous time alone.

Biking in Beijing

Highly Recommended Biking Destination
You can easily enjoy biking through countryside of Beijing as there are so many suitable destinations available for cycling through. Beijing has a rich collection of scenic mountains, dense forests and valleys - all make for perfect destinations for biking experience. If you want to experience more than just some ordinary stuff, you can also ride on a bike to visit the Great Wall at off the beaten path sections, like the Simatai and Huanghuacheng sections. The views over there were one of a kind, with flowers, lush trees at every turn, the crumbling walls snaking upon rugged mountains - making it hard to beat for a biking experience! Riding on a bike and hitting the road outside the city proper, you will get a chance to explore the countryside of Beijing at your own pace without being dragged around with the tour group. The countryside of Beijing offers just about anything you expect to find on a bike, from the world renowned Great Wall, mountains resorts, scenic valleys to ancient villages. You could easily spend a summer vacation biking through the amazing countryside of Beijing without running out of things to see, do and experience!

Useful Tips for Biking through Countryside of Beijing
Before you hit the road to explore the countryside of Beijing on a bike, you need prepare yourself very well for emergency or the journeys. There are many spots where you can rent a nice bike with a cheap price. After renting the bike, you need prepare a couple of stuff you need on the road, like water, change of clothes, sunglasses, sun-block notions or something like that. Also, you need do some serious homework about where you want to go, and where you want to stay overnight. Moreover, if you are up for a camp, there are some safety issues you need bear in mind, like how to pick the perfect spot to set up a tent and what if some stray animals appear nearby and so on. Anyway, it is better to be well prepared before than to be sorry later!

Overall, biking through countryside of Beijing is to die for!