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Bird-viewing in Beijing

Wondering where to go to see wild ducks up-close in Beijing, whether you are a bird lover or not? The Wild Duck Lake Scenic Area is a good bet for a feast of wild birds.

Overview of Wild Duck Lake
Wild Duck Lake

Wild duck lake wetland area is big, in the North China region for the first time, only the swamp of more than 5 acres of rich vegetation, tidal flat aspect, here has become the ideal winter birds moving transit habitat, according to observations here are one or two national protected birds, the golden eagles, crane, swan and other 16 orders, 42 families and 150 species. At present, there have been built to accommodate 300 people at the same time, monomer villa, accommodation, catering, leisure study, vacation, entertainment in one of the farm courtyard and have a style of one's own. Come here to study leisure scholars, tourists not only here can experience live farmhouse courtyard, eat farmhouse meal of fun, but at six or seven in the morning to observe, listen to the birds wetland humming and singing, but also gives people a feeling of being surrounded by nature. At the same time, the best place of teaching base here is large and medium-sized the natural biological primary school teaching ideal and national studies of rare, typical, rare birds.

Features of Wild Duck Lake
Wild Duck Lake

Early spring, a hundred flowers are contending in beauty, trees are green, full of vigour, Spring is in the air; in summer lotus stand gracefully erect, reed green dripping, and blue water is mixed with green; in autumn, golden yellow chrysanthemum, pale purple, white reed tripolium vulgare spike and brown cattail ear swaying in the sunset, imitating the Buddha Lake fairyland; midwinter, reed catkins drift, Dy Hua Arthur Arthur, like snow, definitely one of a kind scenery. Every winter and spring seasons, swans leisurely in the water around, crane head high pitched chirping, Great Bustard in serene feeding, the hawk soared into the sky, geese and ducks flied, constitute a harmonious and beautiful picture. To the summer season, herons and cranes cluster at the edge, foraging wild duck in the reed marshes, travel, gulls flying in the air, forming another sight. Bird has become one of the most popular tourist activities at present.

All in all, a visit to Wild Duck Lake is worth your time when you are traveling in Beijing if the outdoor hiking and bird-viewing is your thing!