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Bizarre Sights in Beijing

Bursting with numerous historical and cultural attractions, Beijing has something for everyone! For those looking to see something weird, Beijing has some very bizarre sights as well. If you want to get an off-the-beaten-path experience in Beijing, do stop by one of the following bizarre attractions.

The Anti-Japanese Museum and Beijing Post Museum

If you want to get a sense of how the Chinese struggle for wars, you really should pay a visit to the Anti-Japanese Museum. Situated in Southwest Beijing, the Anti-Japanese Museum is home to nearly 9,000 photos, documents and cultural relics left from the Anti-Japanese War. And these interesting displays may bring you back in time to the past war scenes. Beijing Post Museum is another weird destination in Beijing besides the Anti-Japanese Museum. With a visit to the museum you will get to see an interesting collection of twentieth century Chinese postage stamps, as well as the communist art collection.

Donghuamen Night Market

Donghuamen Night Market has long enjoyed a far and wide reputation in Beijing, well known for its weird street food which may shock the Chinese fellows from time to time. If you are an adventurous eater with a strong stomach you really should stop by to try out all variety of the bizarre snacks available here - though some may look disgusting to you yet they are also out of this world - ranging from crickets, honey bee larvae, scorpions, spiders, snakes, star fish to almost every kind of innards you can think of, served deep fried or grilled.

Dongyue Temple and Tomb of Tianyi and Eunuch Museum

With a visit to the Taoist Dongyue Temple in Beijing you will get a chance to see the 76 departments of death in the Taoist Pantheon, including thousands of statues personating demons or mortals in hellish ambience. The temple may kind of remind you of a Halloween with dozens of weird creatures crammed into the ground. Moreover if you want to get a sense of how the eunuch in ancient China used to live, the Tomb of Tianyi and Eunuch Museum is not to be missed. The weird museum houses the tomb of Tianyi, as well as statues demonstrating how the eunuchs were castrated, a mummified corpse and dozens of bizarre Chinese sex toys.

All in all, Beijing never stops surprising you with its rich collection of weird attractions!