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Blossoming Scenery, Wonderful Tour Itinerary

Highly recommended this one day tour, we all enjoyed a lot! My favorite attractions - Great Wall and Summer Palace all list inside the tour itinerary. In the night before departure day, I could not hold my exciting feeling. My father and mother gave me much information about Chinese Great Wall buildings.


Mutianyu Great Wall

After breakfast, we met the tour guide at the gate of the hotel. She is a beautiful girl very considerate and knowledgeable. We cultivated very harmonious communication. When relating Mutianyu Great Wall, we all got very happy. She said this section is the most beautiful and best-preserved Great wall building. I imagined and waited for the unique building. About two hours driving, we got to this section. Perhaps, we stood at the far distance, this section showed like a slim dragon winding around elegant mountains. Going on, we arrived at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall. Wow, so fabulous sceneries are all blossoming with fresh appearance bring unique vigorous feeling to this area. To my most happy is that tourists coming here are not so crowded as I imagined. My father first stepped on, later my mother and I we going on.

At the first, the steps are very low and easy to climb. Even there are some wooden steps on the first climbing period. To be honest, I did not believe they could hold so many tourists walking. After getting the brick ground journey, I felt I really got the Great Wall, elegant and best preserved. Clean ground, big grey bricks and elegant watchtowers formed the appearance of Mutianyu Great Wall, as well as the charming surroundings. However, the truly amazing tastes will be the historical prints it stored. Touching each brick, I felt its painstaking experience. My mother took many pictures with this section, especially the watchtower. Most attractive is the cannon model established brought us the close distance to Chinese ancient war time. At last half an hour, my mother gave up, because she got very tired for some steep steps. My father and I we conquered this section. In the afternoon, we explored picturesque Summer Palace. What left me the deepest impression is the harmonious garden view, very breathtaking design!

Leisurely appreciating is truly an enjoyment. Beijing is really a wonderful place!