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Calligraphy on Tablet of Shanhaiguan Pass

Today, when we came to the Shahaiguan Pass, what appeared in the eyes first will be the five Chinese words Tian Xia Di YI Guan written on the tablet. The five words mean the First Pass under Heaven. These five words showed magnificent and solemn. Most of the tourists would wonder who and why wrote the words.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

The Person called Xiao Xian
It is said that these five words are written by the ancient people called Xiao Xian who lived in the Ming Dynasty. During that time, he was one of the great calligraphers and very upright official. Honest character lead other corrupt officials slander him. After that, Xiao Xian resigned his position at court and returned to his hometown. During that time, the emperor ordered the creation of a tablet for the east gate of Shanhaiguan Pass as a display of his country power. After receiving this task, the chief official got very worried, because he had no ideas about the words, not to speak of the calligraphies. As everyone got that Xiao Xian was a very famous calligraphy in the Ming Dynasty, so the chief official went to find Xiao Xian and beg him to finish the characters on the tablet.

Preparation before Handwriting
Met Xiao Xian, this official expressed his sincerity and moved Xiao Xian. At last, he agreed to do this calligraphy. But, Xiao Xian did not start his work for the handwriting but doing the physical exercises every day. Every day, he carried water on the far and hoed in the farm field. These behaviors without exercising the handwriting every day made the official upset. Until one day, there is another official ordered to heck the characters. This chief got very worried and ran to beg Xiao Xian and communicated how to deal with. However, Xiao Xian is still exercising. Xiao Xian answered the handwriting is not an easy job and he needed to practice well. He needed to cultivate the inner force. Later, he declared it is time to write.

Successful Handwriting
After that, Xiao Xian took out his brush and wrote down the great words Tian Xia Di Yi Guan. When the chief rushed to copy, one stroke of one word was missing. With great deliberation, Xiao Xian took out his handkerchief, screwed up and dipped it into the ink finished the stroke.

This is a story about the moral. It told people that grasping the inner resources is very important!