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Characteristic Restaurants in Beijing (2)

One Thousand One Nights – Middle East Food
In minds of Chinese, Arab is a mysterious foreign world, is the hometown of Arabian Nights. Nowadays, in this oriental city, there is a simon-pure Arabic restaurant, spreading the stories in fairy world in thousands years, which is the most authentic One Thousand One Nights.

Middle East Theme Restaurant

One Thousand One Nights sits at northwest corner of Changhong Bridge in Chaoyang District, located at Sanlitun Bar Street East Street. Arched door and windows with strong Arab cultural elements painted the pictures of fairy tales in Arabian Nights. The inner of the whole restaurant is a huge arched sand sculpture space. The abundant foreign colors full your sights.

There is a low stage in one side, and the background is a picture of singing and dance of Persians. At lunch, guests can enjoy the cuisines in elegant piano music. But when it turns black, here is the songs and dances world full of passionate. The sexy Persian dancer dancing with beat of music and swaying the soft body. They always interact with guests shuttle back and forth in desks.

Of course, the most attractive still are the authentic cuisines. These dishes are a little acid and main managed with meat. And many Chinese people coat here because they are absorbed by the strange foreign atmosphere. The Arabic hookah is another enjoyment in this restaurant, which let the air full of the seductive taste.

Su Zhi – Vegetarian Restaurant
Vegetarian Restaurant

Dongsi Shitiao Xin Nancang was the place for storing imperial-cereals, and there are several well-preserved old granaries, hiding in modern buildings quietly. In the brief but old courtyard, there is a restaurant called as Su Zhi, is an elegant place manages vegetarian diet and tea mainly. Referring to elegance, you must pay attention to the environment of Su Zhi. Stepping into this quiet courtyard from busy environment, you seems let your heart quiet with it. All decorations are the wooden shows simple but old.

The spacious and brief style of restaurant appears the simple but elegant style. The back wall of bar counter, decorated with old timbo, has three holy white lotuses round the name of restaurant in Chinese. Having meals here, you will not disturbed by the busy environment. You have good chance to enjoy the delicious vegetarians and teas with the elegant atmosphere. Such refined place, cannot absent of the color of Chinese old musical instrument. It is really a good place for self-cultivation.