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Characteristic Restaurants in Beijing (3)

Mini Noodle Bar Hiding in 1949 Restaurant
Hall of 1949 Restaurant

The fashion Sanlitun always gathers delicate cate, so that the guests visiting Sanlitun usually are picky for cuisines mostly. In this international area, just a stretched noodle has special place to taste the best stretched noodle. If you want to eat ordinary stretched noodle, you can also find a delicate restaurant here. And the most delicious stretched noodle restaurant, Noodle Bar, hides in a corner of 1949. This mini noodle bar is so unique that impressive for guests here. Refers to mini, it is so small with a simple door and 12 seats. From any side, this restaurant is an authentic mini restaurant. Just in this mini restaurant, you can taste the most delicious beef noodles, which attracts amounts of fashion young people and foreigners.

Such charming restaurant, how to do it? Some secrets you must know.

Secret one: live show

Stretched noodle is the main food for northern people in China, just because of quick and delicious. So it becomes the first choice food of fast-paced life. Of course, many southern people also like this kind of food. In this warm house, 12 seats round a cooking set, and shape like "U". Guests can face to the opened kitchen, smell the tempting taste, hear the shoot of stomach silently and watch the wonderful performance of cook, it is really an attractive feast. It is worth to looking forward it!

Secret two: Secret system braised Beef
Noodle with Beef

When an appetizing beef noodle displayed in front of you, you must praise the well-smelled braised beef. On the bar stage, there are marmites of braised beef. The diffuse fragrance always attracts guests. No matter the set meal or single-point, you will enjoy the weighty beef. Supported some characteristic vegetables, you will enjoy this delicious and enjoyed meal.
Secret three: signboard package

Here value package is worth to recommend, including a bowl of sirloin, tripe, cowhells, pickled vegetabvles and a cup of tea, and only 48 RMB. Still, you have two choices about the degree of thickness of noodle.

Above three secrets are all the attractive places in this restaurant, which are the characteristics of this mini noodle bar. Try it, this Noodle Bar!