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Charming Beijing Suburb Summer Excursion

As we all know, Beijing top highlights attracted loads of tourists from home and abroad, Great Wall, Forbidden City and Beijing Summer Palace, etc. For summer holiday, Beijing suburb attractions will make your holiday different and typical. Today, I would like to lead you to walk close to the mysterious Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area.

Overview of Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area
Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area

Located at the foot of charming Yunmengshan National Forest Park, being adjacent to the delicate Duanshuling Village, Yougushentan Area is about 75 kilometers from downtown Beijing. First coming to this area, you would be shocked by the verdant hills and pearl waters. However, the dazzling features of this scenic area are its mystery, uniqueness, quaintness and beauty. So, in the tourists and local people, it enjoyed a high fame as a Natural Oxygen Bar. You could imagine how natural it is. If you are tired of the busy work, boring study and the hot weather, here will be an ideal place for refresh your mind and cool your body. Because it housed unique beauty, unusual mountains, rich springs, this wonderful land will attract thousands of tourists every day. This natural picturesque area, you could appreciate the green hills decorate with unique peeks, oddly-shaped rocks and steep cliffs.

Breathtaking Spots in Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area
Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area

It will be regret without appreciating the two amazing spots – Fly Waterfall and the God Pond. Located at the top of this mountain, the natural pond measured about 8 meters deep. When the crystal and glittering water of this pond flowing down and crashes onto the steep cliffs, it will produce loud sounds echoing in this valley, clear and dazzling. The water sprays fall several meters and gradually formed a spectacular waterfall, grand and grave. The fall rushes down the mountains and run to another pond creating stunning splash. Apart from these, the fresh trees and grasses, adorable streams and the natural ponds will be the most attractive points. Getting away from the bustle city life, visitors coming here not only enjoy the extremely natural beauty, but also the seal cuttings and pictures engraved in the cliffs.

Apart from the natural scenery, local snacks and summer activities also could be rented as the top amazing. All kinds of entertainment activities will attract the tourists coming from different places get together, sharing happiness. Terrific summer holiday will start from here!