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Beijing Travel Guide - Chinese Spring Festival (2)

Spring Festival couplets

Then is every household to prepare for the Spring Festival, while people began about ten days before the holiday, busy with the procurement of goods, stocking, including poultry meat, wine and oil sauce, north-south fried foods, sugar bait fruit. People usually buy sufficient goods, and also to prepare the gifts for going pro to friends in the Spring Festival. Parents purchase new clothes and new caps for young children to wear in the Spring Festival.

window grilles -back to woman mother's home

Spring Festival message- red paper with yellow letters pasted on the door of the residential, is so-called couplets written on red paper. Colorful auspicious Spring Festival pictures are posted in the house, while the ingenious girls cut out beautiful window grilles attached to the window, hanging red lanterns or affixed blessing words and Fortuna, door statues in front of the doors. The character “Fu”(means happiness) can also be put up upside down, passers-by say it: fu dao le, means happiness is coming. All the blessing activities are to add the festive atmosphere for the holidays.

Pasting Spring Couplets and Pictures

Another name of Spring Festival is called past “year”. In the past, legendary “year” is a beast to bring bad luck in people’s imagination. “Year” comes, the trees withered, flowers do not blossom; “year” pasts, everything grows, flowers blossom everywhere. How can we make the “year” past? It requires whip shelling, so we have a burning firecrackers customs, while it is also set off a lively scene in another way.