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Beijing Travel Guide - Chinese Spring Festival (3)

Happy Spring Festival

Upon first chicken sounds, or Spring Festival's bell struck, firecrackers sound come and go in streets, and everyone beaming that Spring Festival began, the men, women and children dressed in festive costumes, wish the first family elderly longevity, while distributing lucky money to children, eating a festive dinner in the first day of Spring Festival. On the second and third days, people begin to visit relatives and see friends with each other, saying “Happy Spring Festival”, “Gong Xi Fa Cai”,  “Congratulations”, “Happy Spring Festival” and so on; then also worship ancestor and have some other festival activities.

Set off firecrackers

The warm atmosphere of the festival is not only filled with families, it is also filled with around in the streets and some local markets, lion dance, playing the dragon, visiting Flower Market and the temple fair practices and so on. During this period, there are many kinds of lanterns in the streets of the whole town and city, unprecedented visitors flock to the streets, bustling, straight to be carried onto the fifteenth day of the first lunar month after the Lantern Festival, till then Spring Festival has a true end.

spree with money to children

Spring Festival is the most important festival of the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Yao, Zhuang, white, Gaoshan, Hezhen, Hani, Daur, Dong, Li and dozen ethnic minorities. They also have the customs of the Chinese Spring Festival, just with more forms and more ethnic characteristics.