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Come to Hutong to Feel Ancient Beijing

Hutongs, characteristic and old city lanes in Beijing, surround the Forbidden City. Here, you have chance to feel the long history and traditional custom of Beijing. Almost 3,000 hutongs in Beijing, most of them shaped in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The main construction in hutongs is quadrangle courtyard which is composed of four rooms in east, west, south and north. It is symmetrical closed style construction. Since reforming and opening, many hutongs was destroyed and modern constructions were built. Although, the hutogns still covers 1/3 area of Beijing downtown, living almost half people. Not only past, but also now, hutong is still the residence of Beijingers.

Shi Cha Hai Area - old hutongs in Beijing

Shi Cha Hai is a famous historical and cultural scenic spot including Qianhai, Houhai, Xihai, well-preserved Prince Gong's Mansion, complex hutongs, and old Bell and Drum Tower. It called as the most representative hutong area. Entered Shi Cha Hai area from west of Guloudajie, you can see the clear outline of mountain from Yinding Bridge when the day is fun. It is one of the famous views of Beijing – Yingding Wanhshan. The both sides of Houhai has Prince Gong's Mansion, Former Residence of Guo Moruo, Former Residence of Song Qingling, Bell and Drum Tower, etc.

Broad View from Jingshan Park

Jingshan Mountain is the commanding height of Beijing. Standing on Jingshan Mountain, you can overlook the whole beautiful scenery of Beijing. The tall buildings out of 2nd Ring show the modern Beijing and the orderly hutongs in 2nd Ring show the ancient Beijing. No matter day or night, the famous Beijing old restaurants near Yinding Bridge can offer barbecue, sesame seed cakes and dishes. Tourists can have good cuisine in boat, the feelings of it is incomparable.

Here, I will give you some suggestions about Beijing classic tour.
Rickshaw in Hutong

1. Discover Old Beijing
By rickshaw to Houhai Yinding Bridge, you can appreciate the characteristic ordinary life, visit old hutongs, and enjoy the ancient quadrangle courtyard and residence family. This way, you have best chance to know about the hutongs, quadrangle courtyards and conditions of people in 2 hours.

2. Follow Steps of Old Beijing
By rickshaw to Drum Tower which is the time center of Beijing with 700 years history in Beijing city center. Climbing to the top of Drum Tower, we can overlook the old and new Beijing. Getting off at Yinding Bridge and wandering in hutongs, you can visit the residents freely. Continue to Prince Gong's Mansion to know about the luxury life of prince is one of the interesting things in this way. This kind of arrangement is welcome by tourists, can know about the history and current situations of Beijing in 2~3 hours.

We still have many kinds of routes to appreciate the most famous Beijing and discover the old Beijing.