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Construction Material of Great Wall

Great Wall is always regarded as the treasure of China. No matter in the distance, construction and sightseeing, it always gets high prestige in the world. Great Wall buildings will receive loads of tourist every day, let alone during the holidays. However, for the Great Wall construction, in different periods, the materials are also different. Today, I will lead you to explore the deep mystery.

Bricks of Great Wall

Before Usage of Bricks
Now, what we saw in the Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall, the main material is bricks. Before using bricks, the Great Wall buildings are mainly built from earth, stones and wood. During that time, because of the large scale construction and the heavy labor, the main materials of the construction are using the local resource. The mountain stones are used during building the mountain ranges. While in plains, earth was rammed into solid blocks to be used in the large scale construction. In the desert area, even the sanded reeds and juniper tamarisks were used.

Appearance and Usage of Bricks
With the construction time is longer and longer, the local resource received limitation. During this time, large bricks appeared. During Ming Dynasty, bricks were used in large scale area as well as materials such as tiles and lime. Attempts were always made to produce the materials locally, so kiln workshops were established to burn the crude materials. For the Great Wall buildings, there formed the certain Material Supply Department. Such as the Juyongguan Pass construction, the stone ponds and material supply department were recorded.

Advantage of Bricks and Stones during Great Wall Construction
During the large construction, bricks are easier and more convenient to carry than the earth and stones for small size and light weight. At the same time, bricks are also the ideal material to bear the weight. According to the historical data, the compressive strength, resistance to freezing and absorbency of the bricks of time are similar to the modern common bricks. For the stone materials, they also housed their own advantages. Cut in rectangular shapes, stone materials were always used to build the foundation, inner and outer brims as well as the gateways of the wall buildings. The stone material was found to better resist efflorescence than bricks.

Great Wall materials are also experiencing complex changes which also gathered the wisdom of ancient people.