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Cool Your Mind in Beijing Ten Ferries Scenic Spot

Summer holiday is the period of going-out. Most of tourists want to fresh mind and body to get rid of the bustle life and busy daily life. During this time, Beijing suburb area will be the most popular and attractive places. Located at Fangshan District, Ten Ferries will be an ideal destination to offer you typical relax.

Beijing Ten Ferries Scenic Spot

Gorgeous Layout of Ten Ferries
Located at the Beijing suburb area, with the coverage area of about 300 square kilometers, Ten Ferries is the valley of the Juma River. Earlier in the ancient times, when the Juma River fast-flowing water, the bridges could not be built over this river, the local people built ferries. It is so named as Ten Ferries, because there are ten ferries built. Even though the modern bridge has replaced these ten ferries, this natural named still remained. In addition to the pearl water, green mountains and charming sceneries, this scenic spots is also housed large scale karst landform in north China. It is also regarded as the largest natural scenic spot in Beijing. Especially during summer holiday, the tourists coming to Beijing must have a terrific visit here. No matter mountains, waters or the landscapes, tourists could find the certain happiness.

Attractive Ferries Sceneries
Yes, it is certainly all the beauties endowing to the ten ferries. For the natural sceneries, the most attractive of the first ferry is the high towering cliff. It looks like a huge stone gate connecting heaven and earth showing unique elegance to the tourists. In comfortable temperature and fresh atmosphere, tourists could have leisurely lying or communicating together with partners and relatives. If you say the most magnificent landscapes here, it would be the second ferry. Wandering here, you would find it housed many treasures. Across the bridge located here, tourists could get a clear view of the Five Finger Mountain. Not only this, the Fairy Habitat Cave is also deserved your visit which is honored as the Fairyland. In the local tourists, it is also described as the art heaven. If you want to appreciate the huge erect and pointed stone pinnacles, the third ferry will be an ideal destination. Walking on, your vision would be lured by any small point full of natural sceneries.

Ten Ferries is a terrific destination and it is always waiting for your summer holiday!