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Ancient Imperial Memory – Explore Forbidden City

Related to Beijing, first appeared in the mind will be the Forbidden City, right? How much do you get about it? Wandering inside, appreciating the best preserved ancient building construction, tasting the deep traditional cultural connotation enjoying a fully dreamful relaxed!

Incomparable Appearance of Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Everyone got Forbidden City is located in the Beijing center and it is a large scale imperial palace. In the ancient times, all the imperial families lived inside. However, you do not know, its location stored a mystery. It is said that in Beijing, there are two dragon veins. So, Forbidden City is built in one of the dragon vein. Another is Prince Gong Mansion. You could imagine how much attention the ancient people paid on this palace. Having a bird view, the whole palace showed a square shape with numerous small palaces built inside, grave and grand atmosphere. Being regarded as the representative of Beijing, Forbidden City has stored profound history. Delicate carving, luxurious decoration, skillful construction, everyone would be impressed deeply. For the wonderful building project, ancient Chinese people displayed their very considerable skills in building it.

Inner Architectural Characteristics of Forbidden City
Forbidden City

As grand imperial palace in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Forbidden City got the high fame not because of the palaces themselves but also its architectural style. The mysterious building architecture stands for the combination of the development of classical Chinese and East Asian architecture. It influenced the development of Chinese architecture. Being composed four gates, it showed more grave and grand. Wandering in this palace, you would find all the major buildings are wooden structures roofed with yellow glazed tiles and supported by white marble terrace. What the most attractive idea is that each of the palaces was constructed based on the Book of Changes and Chinese traditional Confucian culture. The main theme of the Book of Changes is that the perfect combination of human being and the nature. All the palace gates are built based on the Chinese Eight Diagrams in hope of the harmony with the nature.

For the fans who are very interested in Chinese ancient imperial families and history, Forbidden City is an ideal place. Here, you will find the ancient emperor pictures, their living palaces and all the recorded buildings marking Chinese development. It is truly an amazing wonder in the Chinese history!