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Cuandixia Ancient Village 1 Day Tour

In this famous land of Beijing, there is a traditional village lies in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District. It is mountain village with peaceful tranquilities and distinctive characteristics – Chuandixia Village, which hides itself in deep valley in west of Beijing. It is an occasional chance to discover this ancient village for me, but I missed it for the time being. Surfing this tour online, I booked it without any hesitation.

Cuandixia Ancient Village

It is a good local travel agency with well-reputed service and cheap price. I was picked up on departure time and drove to Chuandixia Ancient Village, and this distance takes about 3 hours. Along with the No. 109 National Road, we enjoyed the quiet and natural environment happily on the way. It is the first time for me to visit this kind of village with so many stone and earthy houses, and I cannot control myself about this exploration, but the tour guide persuaded me to takes a short rest and we would enjoy it in 2 hours. During the rest time, the tour guide explained that this village is built in Ming Dynasty, where the Han's Family has inhabited. After development from generation to generation, it become an inn on the post road and populated for many people. With long history of thousand years, Chuandixia Village has retained the traditional cultural relics and folk-custom.

Chuandixia Ancient Village is surrounded by mountains and stream flows through it. Walking in this village, I seemed to back to the ancient time of China, but the local villagers zaps me back to reality. They are so enthusiasm that I felt the actual relative, different with it in busy city. Entering in some houses of local family, their owners told me history and development of their houses and village. Having lunch in local restaurant, I felt it is the most real taste.

It is the most attractive environment and relation between villagers, and I like them very much. In addition, owing to the BeijingLandscapes.com, I had this worthy tour in Chuandixia Village.