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Off-the-beaten-path Dajingmen Great Wall

Dajingmen section of the Great Wall was built in 21st year of Chenghua reign in the Ming Dynasty (1485). Built on the basis of the Great Wall, it has a history of 500 years. The Great Wall was restored in Shunzhi reign of Qing Dynasty and in the east sitting a "Xiaojing Gate (west exit door)", in the south next to frontier Fort edge, in southwest of Zhangjiakou Fort across the Great Wall. Dajingmen Great Wall has two barbicans, water pass with the Northern Wei Dynasty Beacon Tower, and Wei Bao Ning Yuan Bao castle fortification, North opened two gates (the Dajingmen and the Xijingmen), Nanning fort has a gate (Yong Shunmen). Dajingmen is home to a series of cultural relics, offering amazing natural scenery, military facilities, concentrated in Zhang Yuan history and culture. After the transformation of the Dajing gate square, it became the landmark filled with attractions, perfectly blending with the mountain, river, door, the Great Wall City, revealing the idyllic charms of the area.

Dajingmen Great Wall

Not only Dajingmen provides the understanding of the knowledge of the Great Wall, but also promotes Zhangjiakou as platform for foreign tourists, providing both tourism and historical significance of education. At the same time, here also built a cultural tourism shopping street, repaired Guan Yu Temple and other famous ancient temples. In 2010 it was upgraded to national 4A level scenic spot, including Xi Tai Ping Shan Ming Great Wall, the Xi Tai Ping Shan Wei Great Wall, the Xiaojingmen, Dajingmen, Erlang temple, Guan Yu Temple, stone carving, and far fort Yongshun door etc.

At present, Dajingmen and Zhangjiakou Bao (Bao Zi Li), as well as the Zhangjiakou fort were added into the list of cultural relics of the state, with a number of historical relics and architecture, such as Jiangshi Stand, Taiwan, Three Lady Temple, Guan Yu Temple, Shanshen Temple, Water Passes - all is part of the protection, repair and development. The first stage started from 2010, in 2011, it completed the repair plan, Dajingmen Great Wall is restored to its historical features. In the future, Dajingmen Great Wall and Zhangjiakou fort and the Pingyao County, Shanhaiguan and other famous China traditional buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties will become a beautiful scenery line.