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Dare to Challenge Your Survival Skills in Beijing

While traveling with kids is a big challenge for lots of travelers, the choice of destinations and other stuff can be quite a headache. However, with summer around the corner, to spend some quality time with kids with a visit to the Survival Island would be an excellent choice!

Survival Island

The survival island is a new concept of tourism combining lots of features including natural landscape, social skills and military training, located in Huairou County, Beijing City. The base is getting more and more popular among the travelers with kids. The base features a lovely and beautiful rural landscape, a well selected and sophisticated supporting facilities, in the most intensive Huairou Hongluo Mountain Tourism Development Zone. Survival island offers visitors new thinking and new perspective into the interpretation of the creativity, sports, aesthetic, vacations, training for the travelers. Survival island offers survival training, new concept tours, leisure group tours, students self-help training, cadres leisure vacation, real CS class and many more.

Survival Island

The survival of the island is divided into six regions: the process area, farming area, military training area, mountain camp, survival training, catering accommodation area. Workshop offers casting, tie dye, wood, paper, textile, silk screen printing, gypsum, clay, wax casting. Agricultural District provides cake-making, ice cream making, the traditional stone tofu, making specimen, rope art, flower arranging, soilless culture. Sports Area offers archery, axe, motor vehicle driving, climbing. The mountain camp has a total length of 1500 meters, offers a series of barrier facilities, including: BBK, Huang Qiao, wire walking, crawling, the highest point is the tower, standing above you can see the whole picture of survival island, Terminal Island mark with a stimulus of pine forest flying down the project, slide 300 meters, the vertical distance of 20 meters, the speed of ten meters per second by the peak flying to the foot of the mountain, the experience of modern flying feeling. Extension survival training include: back wrestling, grid, four rope bridge, cliffs, grasp the bar, air, bypass, empty mind polymerization matrix, collective sabot, air bridge, swamp, air force cross the bridge, Burma bridge ladder, and so on. Catering accommodation area has: courtyard, Sun Shine Apartments (A, B, C, D), Family Apartment (family of four type), Yu Zhe Building (star hotel), restaurants (fast food stalls) and BBQ area (barbecue).

You will have lots of fun with your kids while exploring the resort and it will be an essential experience for both of you!