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Deep Breath in Beijing Hutong during Summer

Summer is a nice season when we should have a deep cultivation about our mind and mood. Terrific summer holiday needs unique tranquility and harmony. In the metropolis city of China, Beijing, it is very easy for us to have our own paradise land to experience a typical summer holiday. Now, I would lead you to walk into Beijing Hutong to discover the typical tranquility and perfect harmonious atmosphere.

Wandering in Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong - Sihe Courtyard

It is always said the culture of old Beijing all gathered in Beijing Hutong. It is a large scale stage where displayed the history and deep culture of Beijing. Nowadays, Beijing Hutong area has attracted loads of tourists from home and abroad. Summer holidays here, a set of courtyards would impress you first, narrow streets and lowers houses adding some dense trees planting along side. You would find the feeling of going back to Beijing suburb area, unique tranquil and cool. Especially during summer, all the residences would come out for selling some food, snack. Here, the old Beijing frozen sucker will be the most attracted. It is a hot season when you could see the local Beijing people sitting together under one tree, talking and gossiping. This time, it will be the warmest atmosphere. Walking into the tranquil Sihe Courtyard, large scale ground surrounded by houses in four directions will be the most typical building. Have a typical lunch in the local residence house and listen to the hostess talking about the affairs happened in Beijing, it will be extremely a spirit enjoyment in summer holiday.

Riding Bike around Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong

After the closer visit to Beijing Hutong, it is a nice time to have a cool bike around these lovely streets. There are many famous scenic spots distributed, Shichahhai, Dashilan, Nanluoguxiang and Yandaixiejie, etc. Any of them could lure your typical interests. During the bike journey, you could not only the charming scenery but also the development of Beijing and some reserved area of ancient history. You would be impressed by the charming atmosphere in Shichahai. You would be shocked by the local tastes of Yandaixiejie. You would be interested in the little stores in Nanluoguxiang, etc. If you say the most featured will be taking the rickshaw to have a pleasure, because doing like this, you could arouse the real feeling of being a Beijing native.

Hutong is a representative of Beijing history. It is more appropriate for your special Beijing summer tour!