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Deep Breath in Jiudaowan Canyon

Autumn is an ideal season for hiking and body relaxed. During autumn period a breathtaking picture with golden harvest and charming scenery will catch your eyes everywhere in the suburb area of Beijing. If you want to have a deep breath, Jiudaowan Canyon in Beijing is second to none.

Beijing Jiudaowan Canyon

Layout of Jiudaowan Canyon
As the longest canyon in Miyun County, Jiudaowan Canyon is located to the west of Beishicheng Village. About 88 kilometers from Beijing, the location offers the unique tranquility to this area. With a large scale area about 1,800 hectares, the scenic area offers seventy-eight attractions containing a graceful lake, five grand waterfalls, eighteen deep pools and an extremely cool cave. The picturesque canyon is known as the Huangguoshu Waterfall of North China for it is as beautiful as the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall scenic spot. During autumn season, the whole area is covered by golden flowers and grasses. With the water singing, you can get close to the real nature.

Feature of Jiudaowan Canyon
Stunning with countless steep peaks and strange rocks, Jiudaowan Canyon impresses tourists with their infinite variety of forms. Some look like sleeping dragons and some resemble intimate couples. A vast stone stands firmly in the water, while two towering peaks are visitors' prompts for happiness. The fanciful canyon zigzags through the mountains, forming nine gulfs with each gulf offering exotic views. In the third gulf, there is a vast stone resembling an energetic frog. Appreciating from another direction, the stone looks like a toddling turtle. What the most attractive is the ninth gulf. Inside, there is a winding path in the woods leads to the extremely cool cave. This mysterious cave is famous as a natural air conditioner.

Treasures of Jiudaowan Canyon
The treasures of the Jiudaowan Canyon are the eighteen deep pools which scatter through the magnificent canyon, resembling shining pearls in an enchanting painting. The shining water waves are reflected on vast rock walls by the brilliant sunlight, presenting a dazzling sight. During autumn tour, you could have a try to catch some small fish swimming around in the clear water. It is wondrous that underneath a deep pool lie several unfathomable caves. In addition, autumn tour coming here, you can gain the chance to pick many fruits, Chinese gooseberries, wild grapes, Chinese date, hazel and walnut.

Want to enjoy a marvelous autumn holiday, just come to Jiudaowan Canyon!