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Delicious Beijing Local Snacks

With profound history, Beijing snacks have gained universal praise for wide varieties, superior materials and careful preparation. Today, I will introduce you the top flavored Beijing local snacks.

Dalian Huoshao
The Fried-pouch Roll:
in the local Beijing people, fried-pouch roll is also called Dalian huoshao. It is a pouch-shaped crispy-skinned roll filled with different fillings. With reasonable price, it has gained all the tourists' praise.

Cream Fried Cake: this kind of food is also called Naiyou Zhagao in Beijing local people. It is made of flour, egg, cream, white sugar and vanilla power. Cooking procedure is very careful. What the most important is that it a nutritious snack.

Fried Liver: it is called Chao Gan in Beijing local people. It ever enjoyed by Chairman Xijinping. Its long history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. It is basically made of pork liver and intestine, with a blend of garlic, bamboo shoot, celery, carrot and potato starch solution. It is a good choice to eat for breakfast with the streamed stuffed buns.