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Delicious Beijing Specialties

As a metropolis city, Beijing housed loads of treasures to entertain all the tourists from the world. Cuisines from many different cultures permeate the Beijing dining scene. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more Beijing specialties appeared. Among them, three cuisines will attract your stomach fully!

Beijing Roast Duck: With profound profound history and deep traditional culture, Beijing Roast Duck has attracted a lot of visitors with unique cooking style and special flavor. It has gained the same high fame with Beijing Great Wall and Forbidden City, being a must-take present to the relatives, friends and colleagues.

Imperial Court Food: Having been evolved over time enjoyed by the local people, Imperial Court Food is featured by complex preparation, fresh ingredients and elaborate presentation. Colorful vegetables, skillful art carving and typical tastes will be showed in it. It will be an ideal cuisine for business and party!

Local Snack: Being rented as a must for tasting authentic Beijing flavor, Beijing Local Snack housed many cuisines inherited many cooking ideas. There are over 200 varieties of snacks for enjoying. Different tastes, appearance and cooking styles mane these food become a must during Beijing tour!