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Density of Simatai Great Wall

Density is another feature of the Great Wall at Simatai. The nearest watch towers are only 43.8 meters away from each other, the farthest ones about 600 meters, with an average distance of 100-200 meters. According to the provisions of the Ming Dynasty, the watch tower should be built every 500 meters on the Great Wall, so this section of the Great Wall is an exception.

Simatai Great Wall

All refers to the watchtowers and the construction forms peculiar variety. From the exterior view, watchtowers have monocular floor, three-eye tower, four-eye tower and five-eye tower; a single floor, double floor and the three floor. They are hollow fortresses, in different sizes and different form, according to the garrison of the rank level, the number and the terrain the watch towers were respectively built. The internal structure is a brick masonry structure, housing a single room, double room, multi room; the room layout looks like a "field", "well" word; the roof is the most changeful, flat dome roof, octagonal caisson roof, covered bucket top; even the doors and windows are novel and chic with side door, middle door, brick and stone, and exquisite carved granite on the stone gate.

This is rare and precious relics in the Great Wall history. Simatai section of the Great Wall houses fairy tower and Wangjing Watchtower - two representative watch towers. Wangjing Watchtower is the highest point of Great Wall at Simatai with a commanding elevation, 986 meters above sea level, a hollow three-eye tower, two story brick structure. When the day is sunny, Beijing City can be seen from here, hence the name of Wangjing. Wangjing tower offers a panoramic view of the magnificent mountain. The fairy building is the most beautiful structure in the hillside. The inner arch was built with brick, three paths, ten archways gate. The center top is brick octagonal caisson, built with four brick columns. Visitors gently singing inside can hear euphonious echo. The beautiful lotus flower relief on the archway. If it is not defense facilities, it will make for a fairy pavilion. In addition, the wall structure is more exquisite, full of change. Due to the terrain and the military, the wall is divided into the single wall, double wall and the barrier wall, stone and brick mixed masonry, arrow hole.