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Destinations for Beijing Nightlife

Apart from Beijing top highlights, Great Wall, Forbidden City and some other modern buildings, Beijing nightlife is also regarded as the most dazzling scenic spot in the tourists. However, for terrific Beijing nightlife, there are also many destinations to enjoy.

Beijing Night Show: If you are very interested in the art performance, at night you could choose to appreciate some night performances, Peking Opera, Acrobatic Show and Kung Fu performance. Each of them stored their own features and characters. As the quintessence of Chinese culture, Beijing Opera show is the most attractive.

Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street: With modern theme and glorious location, Sanlitun Bar Street is the most attractive spot in the tourists. Nowadays, it has been regarded as the landmark of Beijing nightlife. For the young tourists who are keen on the pop music, Sanlitun will be an ideal choice.

Leisurely Wandering: For some tourists, they are very interested in the tranquility and leisurely wandering. If you are very interested in old Beijing culture, you could walk along the Beijing Hutong. If you are very interested in the modern atmosphere, you could come to the CCTV Tower for closer appreciation!