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Dig Deeper into Beijing with a Hutong Tour

There is truly no better way to taste the real Beijing than hop on a rickshaw to scale throughout mysterious Beijing Hutong. You can easily spend the best part of a late afternoon traversing through the crisscrossed alleyways in the sprawling city. For first time visitors to Beijing, Nanluoguxiang is a must-go!

Essence of Chinese Garden - Ke Garden
Ke Garden in Nanluoguxiang

Originally, the whole garden area covered an area of nearly 100 meters long, about 70 meters wide. The layout is very exquisite, to the west is a courtyard; the middle front has a back seat room, front yard houses rockery, pond, flowers and trees; in the center is a hall, the backyard filled with cloisters and flowers; the main building sits in the east, with a rockery in the courtyard. The layout and design of the garden are very flexible, with road and veranda connected as a whole. The southwest corridor of the garden was removed, the east rockery on the open porch has been converted into housing, with a two storey new building built on the mountain. But the main building and courtyard garden remain unchanged. The east side is connected with the veranda gallery, extending gradually from the mountain slope to the backyard. The front garden is wide open, backyard deep and quiet, buildings small and exquisite, in less than 3000 square meters ground, pavilion, rockery, corridor, arch bridge, lakes, rocks, trees, bamboo can be found at every turn, featuring delicate layout and very well-proportioned.

One-of-a-Kind Retreat - Bar Street

Nanluoguxiang in Beijing has a very special bar street, lined with the most complete quadrangles. The bars are housed in bungalows, with door hanging red lanterns, all very traditional, featuring simple style of decoration, very true to the courtyard atmosphere and style. Unlike Sanlitun, Houhai, the bars here are mostly quiet, harmonious, and natural, far away from the noise, more close to life. The guests include the foreign tourists, the drama students and mature pub lovers. Guests can experience the old Beijing courtyard atmosphere here, away from the bustle and hustle, enjoy the physical and mental relaxation, or read a book, or surf on internet, or talk with friends, or even to discuss official business. It is worth mentioning that, every bar in Nanluoguxiang will offer free wireless Internet services. Bar prices are generally low, the store also offers a variety of exquisite snacks, from western and China, owner and waiters are very easy-going, giving you a feeling of home.

Overall, Nanluoguxiang has something for everyone!