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Discover Top Theater in Beijing

One of the most famous landmarks in Beijing and a favorite haunt for art lovers, National Grand Theater is a great place to enjoy art, performance and soak up artistic atmosphere. For those who want to enjoy best art performances while visiting Beijing, the theater is not to be missed!

National Grand Theater

Spectacular Architecture to Take in
Chinese National Grand Theater is the largest theatre complex in Asia, designed by French architect Paul Andrew. The external steel structure shell is semi elliptical sphere, 46.285 meters high, 3.32 meters lower than the Great Hall of the People. Covering an area of over 30000 square meters, it uses more than 18000 pieces of titanium plates, only 4 pieces of exactly the same shape. Titanium plates after special oxidation treatment, give the surface metallic luster, and retain the same color for 15 years. In the middle of the theater sits the glass curtain wall, composed of more than 1200 pieces of ultra white glass cleverly spliced. Ellipsoidal shell is surrounded by the artificial lake, covering an area of 35500 square meters, all kinds of channel and entrance are located below the surface of the water. A pedestrian offers the long underwater passage into the performance hall. The National Grand Theater style is creative and fashionable, the unique design is a combination of romance and reality.

Diver Options for Exploring the Theater
Come to the theater, you will enjoy the theatre of magnificent architectural style, soak up the strong artistic atmosphere. A superb collection of beautiful things of art will enable you to enjoy the perfect combination of art and quality. The elegant taste in Coffee Hall will bring you a special taste. The National Grand Theater holds a variety of rich and colorful art exhibition, offering fascinating artistic feelings for you. Here regularly holds rich and colorful theme activities, such as theme show performance allowing you to fully experience the artistic atmosphere. You can take in the beautiful architecture, like the more artistic architectural space housing opera, theatre, music hall, underwater promenade, exhibition hall, art data center, press hall, art boutique Gallery etc.

Dining and Shopping in the Theater
Grand Theater makes for a comfortable and elegant place to enjoy the dining environment and tea, listening to graceful music - diverse options will bring you the unique artistic experience. Grand Theater also has a fine art gallery, providing theater souvenirs.

Overall, Chinese Grand Theater is well worth a visit while in Beijing!