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Do not Make such Dumb Mistakes like I Did in Beijing

It is no fun at all if you make some mistakes while traveling in Beijing! They can totally ruin your mood and the whole travel. So if you want to enjoy a pleasant and fun trip to Beijing, you really should not make such mistakes like I did while enjoying sightseeing in the city!

First of all – Forgot to Watch Weather Report before Headed Out
Weather Report

Originally I planned to visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu section, but without checking out the weather that day, I run into a rain on the wall. It was kind of dangerous and slippery for me to go on hiking on the wall with the rain coming down, though it was not heavy, but it was enough to ruin the trekking on the wall as the stone path was extremely slippery and steep too at some sections. Unfortunately I had to hide under a watch tower for hours before the rain stopped in the end. Everything was ruined! I had no fun at all that day! You have no idea how I regretted not to read the weather report before I go it alone to the Great Wall.

Secondly – Lack of Bargaining Skills Cost Lots of Money
Bargain while Shopping

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a shopping experience in the city. Beijing is kind of like a treasure trove, with amazing stuff all over the city, ranging from crafts, artworks to the antiques and so on. I only had a few days in Beijing, so I decided to do some shopping on day, but unexpectedly, not familiar with the bargaining skills of China, I paid a lot more for everything I bought along the way. It was not the money that I cared about more, but the pride! So if you ever want to enjoy some shopping experience in Beijing, you better practice your bargaining skills first. You will find bargaining with the vendors and sellers is kind o f fun in the end!

In addition, here I got some good news for those who have never been to Beijing before – if you only have a short time, say three days, to visit Beijing, then you do not have to worry about the visa problems because, it is visa-free now to travel in Beijing within three days. Avoid making the same mistakes as I did, you will enjoy a pleasant journey to Beijing and have lots of fun!