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Elegant Great Wall, Truly Amazing Scenery

After finishing the 2 days Great Wall tour, I got very interested in Chinese history and culture. Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father. Booking process is very easy and we prepared a lot.

Badaling Great Wall

I think the spring Beijing will be cozier than we imagined. First section is Badaling Great Wall. On the journey to this section, we appreciated the spring appearance of Beijing with loads of fresh flowers blossoming. Weather is also very warm and cozy. After about 1 hour, we arrived at this Great Wall building which is just like an elegant dragon winding to the far distance. After getting some tips, we stepped on this dragon-style great wall, wow, air is very refresh and I could smell the flavor tastes sending out from the wild flowers and grasses. Alongside, there are many vendors ranking alongside selling various souvenirs and goods, as well as some food. It is just like a market where all the tourists crowded together. I did not like this kind of atmosphere. We went on hiking, delicate watchtowers and well-preserved wall buildings appeared in my eyes. Perhaps, because of the crowded tourists, I could have a whole view about the layout this section.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared to Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall showed more charming and beautiful with best-preserved appearance, delicate and dazzling. Tourists here are not too much as tour guide said. Standing at this section, I could taste the fresh flavor of the earth soil. There are many tourists taking the hand-stick to help them hiking. It is truly an ideal idea. I was very interested in this section very much without any man-made decoration, clear and natural. I clearly remembered the cannon model located in this section which attracted lot of tourists appreciating. It reflected Chinese ancient history representing this profound times. I took a lot of pictures with this section, lifelike and vivid. After getting on the top point, I shouted I succeeding conquering in this section. Sitting on the top, appreciating the sceneries all over the mountains, it is truly a tranquil enjoyment. We enjoyed the nature for about 1 hour and are reluctant to leave.

Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall are my favorite sections where I stored my memorable holiday!