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Engineering Feat

Visited Beijing this summer, and saw plenty of historic sites in the city. It is a really fun trip I did in China. I really loved the city and had a lot of fun on that vacation. The Great Wall of China is the highlight of my travel to Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

My trip to the Great Wall lasted for only half day and the section I visited with my guide is called Badaling, the most popular section in Beijing. To avoid the crowd and traffic, we made an early start in the morning. After he met me at the hotel, we hit the road on a car ride to Badaling. To save time, I took the cable car up the wall and the ride is fun and I got a good look at the snaking wall. Visited the Great Wall for the first time, I was really excited that I could walk the wall and see it up close. The engineering feat is quite impressive and lives up to its hype as world heritage site. My guide filled me in with a lot of history about the wall, which made my trip to the wall even more fun and enjoyable.

The most memorable thing I did on the wall is no doubt the trek. It is really fun to hike up and down the stone path. There are plenty steep parts along the wall, which made it quite challenging to climb up and down the wall. After an hour, I had to take rest from time to time to. The watch towers are impressive too and I used them to mark the path that I have hiked. The scenery out there is incredible with the snaking and the never-ending countryside all over the place. There are plenty of opportunities to snap great photos and as I made it to the wall earlier than others, it was not crowded at the section that I walked with my guide. I could explore the wall at my own pace and enjoy myself as well while hiking along the path.

Overall, the half day trip to the Great Wall I did in Beijing ended very well and I really had a great time that day. Great trip! Great memory!