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Enjoy Authentic Opera Show in Beijing

No trip to Beijing is complete without watching the Peking Opera show. Peking Opera show is an essential Chinese experience and a lot of fun too. If you are in Beijing and want to explore best of Beijing in depth, then you should not miss it. At the mention of the top theater to enjoy opera show in Beijing, the Meilanfang Theater is second to none.

Peking Opera Show

Overview about Meilanfang Theater
At the mention of opera show, the name of Mei Fanglan has been known by almost every household in China. For most of the tourists, Meilanfang Theater has become a must-see spot during Beijing tour. The interior furnishing incorporated traditional Chinese styles. The red pillars and walls were all decorated with round Reliefs, made of gilded platinum sheets. It was designed by several famous Chinese architects. This unique relief reflects the long last history of this traditional opera show. Looking from afar, it feels like a door of art open to the public. Within the building of this theater, the most outstanding structure is no other than the relief, round and wooden. It was made by a well known local master using traditional sculpturing arts and skills. Huian wood carving has long enjoyed an unrivaled fame in China for its profound history. This environment provides the audiences with a more comfortable observing opera show.

Feature of the Theater
The round reliefs on the wall offer a 3D visual effect and can be observed from different sides. These reliefs represent a wide variety of skills and sculpturing arts. They have added something unique into the opera show. They are a perfect combination of Chinese traditional arts and cultures.

Upon the reliefs carved a large number of opera items which had been launched by the National Opera Theater. Among them all, the traditional items include Doue, BaisheZhuan, Qingxianglian, Jiangxianghe, Silangtanmu and Suolinnang and so on. Modern items include Hongseniangzijun, Hongdengji, Jiangjie and Pingyuanzuozhan and so on. These opera shows will make your Beijing trip an unforgettable experience. The use of wooden relief complements with this theater and reflects its artistic value, which makes the opera show an amazing performance for the audiences. In recent years, opera show has become one of the most popular tours among the tourists during nighttime. Not only can they enjoy the amazing opera show but also get to know a little about the traditional Chinese arts and cultures.

Overall, the Peking Opera Show is worth watching while in Beijing.