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Enjoy Beijing Night Performance

As the capital city of China, Beijing is also a cultural center. After exploring the representative attractions, watch colorful night performance is a nice treatment. Housing variety of performing arts and folk arts, each of them could satisfy your desire of night feeling.

Dazzling Paradise for Vocal Concert and Music
National Grand Theater

Just adjacent to Tiananmen Square and the Great Hall of the People, National Grand Theater will be an ideal choice to taste Beijing nightlife and deep cultural art. With the coverage area more than 118,900 square meters, this theater will receive loads of tourists every day. Under the help of Tsinghua University, National Grand Theater experienced over 10 years' construction. The north entrance is just beside the subway entrance of Tiananmen West Stop by Subway Line 1. There is a ticket selling hall there for offering service to the tourists. On the journey to pass through the dreamlike corridor under the water, tourists could gain a lot appreciating the drama hall, opera hall. Every day, there will be top-class performance put on. For the art fan, National Grand Theater is truly a nice place.

Typical Land for Folk Show
Kungfu Show in Red Theater

If you hold mysterious interests in the Folk Show, Beijing Red Theater will be an ideal place. In this theater, you will get the growth of Chinese Martial Art Show, culture and background. For the famous Kung Fu Show put on the Red Theater, it is composed by six scenes. The main actors are a group of marvelous Kung Fu practitioners from all over the world. Although the ages of them are all between 17 years old, they have been major in Chinese Kung Fu for years. For the facilities of this theater, sitting in it, tourists could get the unique impression. The two-storey theater takes a series of innovations on stage scenery, acoustics and lights. What the most important is that there established the electronic screen displaying the show subtitles in English. If you are very interested in the actors, after the show, you could take pictures with them. Besides, there is Puppet Art Theater for tourists to enjoy the typical Puppet Art. This time, taking your children here will be more meaningful!

If you like, these art paradises are always waiting for you!