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Enjoy Offbeat Summer Vacation in Beijing

Beijing is not only home to a bunch of historical sites but also has a rich collection of natural resorts located outside the city. Here is one of the best scenic areas in Beijing perfect for spending a summer vacation in Beijing!

Overview of Yunmeng Scenic Area
Yunmen Mountain

Yunmeng Mountains Natural Scenic Area is 85 km away from Beijing Dongzhimen, filled with hills and mountains and peaks. The National Forest Park of Yunmeng Mountains has a total area of 2208 hectares with main peak 1414 meters above sea level. The park is rich in resources, dense forests, flowers all over the mountains, fresh air, water sweet. Yunmeng Mountain has four features: pines and rocks, mountains and caves, waterfalls as well as forests. It gives a person with visual sense of aesthetic enjoyment, makes people feel fresh and indulge in pleasures without stop. With a long history, it is known as the northern Mount Huangshan. More than 40 scenic spots in Yunmeng Mountains natural scenic spot has been developed, the perilous peaks, rocks, clouds and many more, turning it into one of the most beautiful scenic areas in Beijing combining the hills, stone, river, lake and forest.

What to Explore in Yunmeng Scenic Area
Yunmen Mountain

The temperature of Yunmeng Mountains is in general 6-7 โ„ƒ cooler than the mountain plain, featuring air humidity and ventilation conditions. The summer temperature is maintained at 20-24 โ„ƒ, the high temperature of 28 โ„ƒ. With its location, climate, environment and landscape conditions, here makes for a perfect vacation destination for entertainment, fitness and Wellness, exploration, scientific research and many other fun stuff, see plants and animals, do biological research and specimen collection, camping and picnicking as well. Legends about Guiguzi will give you an insight into ancient history and culture of mystery. Yunmeng Mountains Forest Park is equipped with low-grade accommodation, including 250 beds, there are different grades of catering, with restaurant catering up to 200 dinner, Cara OK song and dance halls and other entertainment facilities, conference and leisure reception areas.

To sum it up, Yunmeng scenic area is not to be missed if you want to enjoy some quiet time and have fun in Beijing and get away from the city scenes and crowds!