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Enjoy Traditional Tea Ceremony in Beijing

Hailed as cultural Mecca of China, Beijing has a rich tea culture of offer its visitors, aside from those ancient sights, great shopping and gourmet Chinese food. A glimpse of the traditional tea ceremony in Beijing will be fun and a whole new experience for tea lovers!

Traditional Tea Ceremony

Top Destination to Go for Fascinating Tea Ceremony
The best place to enjoy traditional tea ceremony in Beijing is available in Lingdang Hutong jam-packed with a bunch of teahouse and shops selling teas, where tea lovers can take time to enjoy the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. As a big tea drinker, the tea ceremony will be a particularly fascinating experience. All the teas were planted at famous tea plantations all over country and well selected for visitors to Beijing. With a visit to the teahouse, you can not only get to taste delicious tea but also buy your favorite one, the cheapest may cost $60 for a small tin. A visit to the teahouse is a great opportunity to taste some really fine Chinese tea and take in the meticulous yet fascinating Chinese tea ceremony performance. The teahouse or shop also has exquisite tea sets and all sorts of tea paraphernalia. Over there you may find a spectacular tea pot made of jade which costs only $3,000. By the way, the tea pot is said to cost much more if you want to buy the matching cups to go with it!

What to Expect during the Tea Ceremony
During the tea ceremony - more like a performance - a girl will show you how to properly prepare the different types of teas. For example, you will learn to use hotter water (90 degrees C) to prepare black teas, and only 70-80 degrees for green and flower teas – in so doing, it is believed to best bring out the bitterness of the different type of teas. In the tea ceremony, you will also learn to use two tiny cups, one for smelling and the other for tasting. For those tea lovers the tea ceremony is more like a fancy wine tasting. There are a wide variety of Chinese teas to taste over there, such as Oolong with ginseng, a Beiing local jasmine tea, Puer tea from the south of China, a black tea with lychee juice and date juice mixed with rose tea, and a fruit tea made with flowers and fruit.

Overall, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony is to die for while visiting Beijing!