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Essence Tour of Beijing - Follow the Steps of Hutong

When the traffic jam, vehicle exhaust and no parking lot affect the convenient and mood of driving, bike, the once outdated transportation media, nobly become the favorite choice of trip and leisure under the call of low-carbon lifestyle.

Low-carbon times, riding bike for trip is an ideal choice. No matter the locals or guests, prepare or rent a bike to visit the hutong in inner of Beijing in leisurely time, you will have better feelings. Parking in the front of some interesting shops, choosing the wonderful goods or taste the local snacks, you are harvest enough in this special Beijing tour. Follow us quickly!

Essence of Beijing - Hutong

Beijing, the gathering place of hutong, has various famous and non-famous hutongs. The composition of chess game and the laugh of aunts are the sceneries in hutongs forever. In the courtyards of hutongs, always there are old trees and do not know how old they are, may be the jujube tree, cypress or Chinese scholar tree. When the sun is shining brightly, aged people talked with each other and kids playing around this tree. I guess, it is happiness for most of ordinary people.

Start from North Street of Dianmenwai, you can visit the Drum and Bell Tower first. Walking south along with the Drum and Bell Tower, you will find the Yandaixiejie, the oldest oblique street in Beijing, located at north of Dianmen, about 230 meters in length. You could not belittle the short street, it gathers various characteristic shops, restaurants and wine bars. They decorate this street livelier.

Yinding Bridge

Out of Yandaixiejie, it is the famous Yindingqiao Bridge. It is said that you can see the distance Xishan Mountain in fine day. That is one of the Yanjing Eight Scenes. Pass the Yindingqiao Bridge, you should have good time among hutongs in Shi Cha Hai area. Built depend on the terrain, these hutong is natural. Anyone courtyard here, you could find the historical site easily.

Riding the bike, you are leisurely in lively hutongs, to enjoy the sunshine and strong Beijing culture in the air, and surrounding your soul.

Wandering in these hutongs, you are lucky to find many interesting things and delicious tastes. Just walking and wandering, you have good time in afternoon of Beijing…