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Essence Tour of Beijing - Follow the Steps of Hutong (2)

Continue last tour guide, we will go on our ancient Beijing tour for this time.

Beijing Dashilan

Line 2: Xijiaominxiang – Dashilan Street – Zhushikou – Liulichang Street
Xijiaominxiang, located at south of Xicheng District in Beijing, starts from Tiananmen Square in east to Qianmen in west, turn south, you will get to the Dashilan Street. After rebuilt, Dashilan has no old-fashioned place, but some small hutongs, located west of Dashilan Street, keep many the original feelings of Dashilan.

Along with Qianmen Street to south, you will arrive at Zhushikou West Street. Passed the Catholic Church, Fengze Garden, Former Residence of Ji Xiaolan, Huguang Guild Hall, etc, turn north, and you arrive at Xinhua Street. After walking distance in 700 meters, you can find the Liulichang Street, which is a famous cultural street. Many shops here sell the four stationery treasures of the Chinese study. Constructions on each side are all the Chinese classic construction with obvious features of time. Walking along this old street, you have chance to talk with the shop owners and hear some old stories about this street.

Beijing Nanluoguxiang

Line 3: Juer Hutong – Nanluoguxiang
Located at Jiaodaokou South Street, Juer Hutong has a mansion of Rong Lu, who was the governor university in Qing Dynasty. With white wall and black tiles, the courtyard has the feelings of perfect combination of southern and northern. Out of the west of Juer Hutong, you will arrive at Nanluoguxiang, which has 8 hutongs in west and east arranged tidily. In recent years, more and more bars and creative shops appeared in Nanluoguxiang. After Salitun and Shi Cha Hai, Nanluoguxiang has become the third famous bar street in Beijing. Riding from south to north, you can explore the history and flourishing of Nanluoguxiang.

Beijing Longfu Temple

Line 4: Donghuamen – Nanchizi – Pudu Temple – Huangchenggen Street – Dengshikou – Fuqiang Hutong – Dongchang Hutong – Longfu Temple – Dongsi – Neiwubu Street – Lumicang Hutong
It is worth to visit the hutongs in Dongcheng District. There are various rich family in ancient times, so some courtyards has kept the ancient style, even though many of them has been used as the residences of ordinary people. Without the glory of ancient times, these courtyards still have some feelings of rich people and celebrities from the stone lions in front of gate. May be just the old tree in yard has memory about this courtyard in ancient times. The Imperial Palace Wall Relics Park, rebuilt by government, has comfortable environment. At weekend, you will find many people take exercise or playing here.

The essence tour of ancient Beijing is suspended now, but the cultural and historical deposits of ancient Beijing have been continued from generation to generation.