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Excellent 2 Days Tour in Beijing - (1)

Under the allowed time, I booked a 2 days Beijing trip on a local travel agency, to visit the highlights of Beijing. I was amazed by these attractions, and their history and culture back of them. And this local travel agency is also worth to recommend to people like to travel in Beijing, it offers the patient trip advisor and the throughout service.

Hiking at Badaling Great Wall

Met the tour guide and driver at my hotel, they are on time! After simple talk, we were drove to the Great Wall at Badaling which is one of the highlights in this Beijing tour package. On the way, the tour guide introduced me various interesting places along the Badaling Highway. In short time, we arrived at the wall to enjoy it. The best way to experience the wall is just hiking it personally, the charm of this world wonder is the profound history and the background of it. By hiking, I tasted the real flavor of this wall, and knew more about it through the tour guide who is very knowledgeable. In addition, if you have no power to hike it the cable car is the great chance to enjoy its views in the other way.

Stone Bridge in Summer Palace

Get down from the Great Wall at Badaling, we transferred to the Summer Palace, the second stop of the 2 days Beijing tour. It was a sunny day, the park was crowded. It is said that it was the former imperial garden in ancient China, and it was the garden only built for royal and common people cannot visit it. But now, it was opened to public so that people all have chance to enjoy its great scenery. Besides the visitors, the most people here are local people just exercise here and so some handwork, it really is a good place for leisure.

This day was end in quick rhythm. In contrast, I liked the style people in Summer Palace, which is the real life.