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Excellent Private Tour, Worth the Money

Having been stayed in Beijing for 1 month, I did not have enough time to visit this city. However, the general appearance left me, Beijing is mysterious! In order to realize my dream, by the chance, I booked the private day tour last Saturday. The attractions in this tour are the Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace. They are my favorites!

Mutianyu Great Wall

On the whole journey, I chatted with the tour guide, from the ancient times to the modern. She is a very smart girl informative in each dynasty. From her, I learnt a lot! In my mind, Mutianyu Great Wall is a very long-distance building with ancient bricks. However, the charming scenery left me a deep impression. To my surprise, this Great Wall building is surrounded by large sale trees and plants. This kind of scene made this area not so hot. Standing at the foot of this Great Wall, I did not think too much but the climbing. Climbing Great Wall is my dream for so many years. About ten minutes, I passed through the wooden steps arrived at the long-distance fluent ground made by the hard stones. Here, each brick deserved long-time sightseeing. There are many vendors ranking along forming noisy atmosphere. To be honest I did not like this kind of scene. I like the original appearance very much. Tourists coming here are less than I original expect. There are many foreigners leading their children. Seeing the children jumping here, they added much vigorous feeling to this old building.

Once arrived at the watchtower, I got very exciting. It is just the fortification built in the ancient war times, very magnificent and hard. It is high with the big stones as the base and bricks as the body. There are many windows in every direction. Through the window, I could appreciate the sceneries far distance. Touching the wall building, I suddenly aroused the feeling of tracing back to the ancient times and I was just a soldier. With attention, I have arrived at the top. Birds-view is so charming I could not control the exciting feeling. The second attraction - Summer Palace is also a very fairy land. Perhaps, because it belongs to the imperial garden, the glorious atmosphere is full of each corner.

I liked the tour arrangements very much, I like the weather, I like Beijing!